Linux System Administrator Certification 2024

2/22/2024 6:51:33 AM
Linux System Administrator Certification  2024
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  • Linux System Administrator certification by Tutorials Point can pave the way for your successful career as a Linux systems administrator. The most in-demand skills you master through this certification will help you gain a competitive edge over the job market.
  • The certification is designed to let talent meet the demand by helping learners elevate their profile in this intricate field. The certification will give you end-to-end training in Linux System Administration - from beginners to advanced levels, Mastering Linux Command Line, Red Hat Linux, Linux Shell Scripting, etc.
  • Linux system administrator certification by Tutorials Point covers all the concepts of Linux. It comprises an absolute beginner's training for Linux, Linux Bash Shell Scripting, Linux Shell Programming, and command line in Linux.
  • With the use of in-demand skills such as Linux Command Line, Bash Shell Scripting, Red Hat Linux, and CentOS, you can easily start a career as a Linux Server Admin or Linux Administrator!
  • The curriculum starts with the absolute basics of the Linux System. Here you will learn how to create your first virtual machine and the command syntax for Linux.
  • Next in this certification, you will learn Linux Command Line practically. The foundation in the Linux Command Line that you master in this certification will make you industry-ready. You gain expertise while working in System Administration, Machine Learning, Robotics, web or software development, Data Science, and more.
  • With more than 10 practical projects, the curriculum will next take you through the complete mastery of Bash Shell Scripting.
  • Next, you will learn how to set up Apache Web Server and DNS Server, automate Linux administrative tasks, and manage SELinux Security.
  • After attaining the basic knowledge of Linux System Administration the curriculum walks you through the advanced Linux System Administration. You will learn Linux Virtual Server Cluster, Linux Virtualization, Squid Proxy Server, Light Weight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Network Teaming, Configuring iSCSI Targets and initiators, and more.
  • With this certification, you will also learn end-to-end about RedHat Linux, which includes crucial tasks and operations. It exclusively covers utilities, commands, services, and concepts related to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and helps you prepare for the Red Hat Certification Exam (RHCE).
  • Linux and FreeBSD are the present and foreseeable future in servers.
  • High-performance computing has a good chance of becoming a Linux-only space.
  • Certified Linux+ professionals are now in demand
  • According to Indeed, a Linux Administrator earns an average base salary of $82,191 per year.
  • Linux certification can be a great addition to the arsenal for those who are pursuing tech careers. Some of the prominent roles can benefit greatly from the knowledge of Linux systems.
  • Network Analysts can improve their knowledge of configuration processes by pursuing Linux system certifications like this one. Systems administrators who conduct network analytics and monitor system performance using Linux can also find this certification useful. They will learn how to troubleshoot, collect data more efficiently, and carry out analysis processes.
  • IT professionals who work with network operations and architecture can also implement great strategies with the skills they learn in this certification.
  • A personal computer or equivalent system
  • Internet access